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Hot Horse Shower Spa

Spa - Cointra CMB-5E
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Hot Horse Shower Optima 5x
We're sold out of this product, I'm sorry  

New low NOx emissions version due in stock in January

* Great value *

You won't find better value than this!
Includes 6m Hot Hose Kit, spray gun and all gas & hot water fittings

This is the smaller brother to the Hot Horse Shower Spa and together they're the most reliable products in our range. Perfectly designed to be installed in a well ventilated barn or washbay you can choose the more affordable Optima 5x or decide to go for the luxury of the Hot Horse Shower Spa

You connect a standard cold water hose pipe to the inlet and the Hot Horse SHower Optima 5x produces a powerful stream of warm water.  (please note at least 20psi water pressure is required).  It's as easy as turning on the hot tap in your house. You’ll find this water heater easy and efficient to use for everyday use in your washbay, washbox, or if you install a flue you can have instant hot water in your tack room, shower room or kitchen.

The Hot Horse Shower Optima 5x runs off propane gas cylinders and needs no mains electricity  

Once the shower is installed using the propane gas cylinder connection kit and inserting two D cell batteries it's quick and easy to use. You just connect to a standard cold water garden hose with the click on connectors supplied and away you go. Please note that 20psi or higher water pressure is required from your hose. If no mains water is available a 12volt pump can be used to create a powerful shower. See the accessories page for our water pump.

Horses love it! Dogs love it! You'll love it!

Comes with a 1 year warranty and technical support.

Hot Horse Showers should be installed, commissioned and used in accordance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Act 1998
 Hot Horse Shower Optima5x (HHS-O5) : includes water heater, propane gas regulator to fit calor gas cylinders, 6m hot water hose, all "snap on" water connectors & trigger spray gun

Out of Stock
Hot Horse Shower Optima 5 (HHS-O5) - £180.00
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