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Hot Horse Fly Shield
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Are Horseflies driving your horse crazy?

Fly Shield really does work against horseflies. 

This new 100% natural fly lotion protects your horse from horseflies and other nuisance flies. 

Seeing is believing, so watch the video or try it for yourself. 

The oils create a natural barrier against horseflies and other nuisance flies 

Hot Horse Fly Shield is a 100% natural organic oil containing a blend of essential oils.  It can be applied with a dry or wet microfibre cloth on to horses, ponies and donkeys.  We’ve chosen only the very best natural ingredients which are high in anti-oxidants and vitamins E & K. They're kind to your horse, kind to you, your pets and the environment. In fact the oils, high in saturated fats with Omega 3 and Omega 6, condition the skin and produce a deep helathy shine to the coat.  Because Fly Shield is taken up by the hair in a similar way to an oil balm hair treatment it stays effective without leaving a residue on the coat, perfect for horse shows. 

The essential oils in Hot Horse Fly Shield have scientific evidence of their efficacy against horse flies and other fly species such as midges.   Fly repellent chemicals can be harmful to the environment, toxic to pets such as cats and are not the best chemicals for you to have on your skin.  Fly Shield contains no harmful petrochemicals and yet horse flies hate it!   Nature truly is powerful. 

We use nature's power to protect your horse

Fly shield is formulated to be particularly effective against horse flies (Tabanidae). 

Starter Packs include a microfibre cloth:  It's important to use the microfibre cloth to disperse the oils evenly throughout the horse's coat. 

Available in 2 sizes of pouch

50ml: lasts one horse up to two weeks
200ml: lasts one horse up to six weeks
400ml: lasts two horses up to six weeks

Please note the colour of the microfibre cloth may vary

For application directions see "More information page"

Delivery charge: 

UK   £1.50 
EU   £4.00
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